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Tamahome no Fujo's Fushigi Yuugi page

Fushigi Yuugi is about a girl named Yuuki Miaka and her best friend Hongo Yui. One day, Miaka accidentally wandered into the forbidden section of the library and found this book, "The Four God's Heaven and Earth." The book itself was an incatation and whoever read it would become the character in the book. Miaka and Yui got sucked into the book and found themselves in a land that looked like ancient China. Things went from there, Yui was tranported back to the real world while Miaka stayed behind. Miaka met Tamahome, one bioushen oni ^_~ with the character of the ogre on his forehead; Hotohori, an emperor who carried the fate of his country on his shoulders; and Nuriko, this...well...Nuriko wa Nuriko da yo. ^_^, and then the story progressed from there. Miaka found out the only way she could get home was if she became Suzako no Miko, and gathered all her Seishi (literaly star warriors).

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Tamahome Shrine- I wonder who my favorite character is?{hint: a Fujo is a priestess or sorceress} The Shrine is now up! Go visit it! Worship Tamahome!

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